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Everyone contributes to the world’s carbon emissions and plastic waste problems. Be part of the solution to a cleaner and greener planet. By taking the easy steps of calculating your carbon or plastic footprint, and purchasing credits, you can support game-changing projects and mitigate the footprint you leave on Earth.

We’re All In This Together

Below are just a few of the testimonials from people who have supported our projects.

"I read about plastic credits in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and your plastic capture program sounded like an excellent way to offset some of my family’s plastic usage that doesn’t get recycled. The thought of helping some up-and-comers in Southeast Asia with some of our shared modern history appealed to me as well. I hope this program accomplishes all its goals."

Jim Colbert Elmhurst, Illinois, USA

“I’ve always had an interest in understanding and caring for the environment. Training and competing in the sport of skeleton requires significant air and vehicle travel, which contribute to global GHG emissions. With offsets, I am able to balance chasing my Olympic dream while reducing my impact on the environment!”

Jaclyn LaBerge, Professional Skeleton Racer
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