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The Simple Process To Making A Difference


Take this quick survey to calculate your carbon footprint and better understand what you are emitting into the Earth’s atmosphere.


Take the number of tonnes from the survey and select a project to purchase offsets to mitigate your footprint.

Live Green

Once you’ve purchased the offsets, ClimeCo Green will provide incentives, environmental tips, rebates, and products to help you live a greener lifestyle.

We’re All In This Together

Below are just a few of the testimonials from people who have supported our projects.

“Music and surfing are foundational in my life, and the longer I go, the more it’s not a big step to seek to make our tours ocean-friendly. Simple, skip single-use plastic, carbon offsets, and encourage others along the way.“

Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind

“I’ve always had an interest in understanding and caring for the environment. Training and competing in the sport of skeleton requires significant air and vehicle travel, which contribute to global GHG emissions. With offsets, I am able to balance chasing my Olympic dream while reducing my impact on the environment!”

Jaclyn LaBerge, Professional Skeleton Racer
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