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ClimeCo Green helps individuals and businesses easily calculate and offset their carbon footprint by supporting carbon emission reduction projects, which bring co-benefits to our environment and surrounding communities. Co-benefits vary from project to project, but some of the most common include improved air and water quality, erosion control, nutrient buffering, habitat protection, enhanced food supply, or providing local jobs. At ClimeCo Green, we strive to find projects that provide the most co-benefits so that as our customers mitigate their carbon footprint, they can feel confident that their support extends beyond reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).

Our History

ClimeCo Green was started by ClimeCo, a leader in the management and development of environmental commodities, and recently ranked on Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List of America’s fastest-growing private companies. ClimeCo has been in business for over ten years—combining unrivaled environmental commodity market expertise with engineering and environmental assessment, permitting, and transaction structuring to help develop projects that reduce GHG emissions. ClimeCo has a lengthy and successful track record of value creation in the voluntary markets. ClimeCo’s expertise in natural and agricultural environments, combined with a solid network of project partners and an extensive customer base, allows ClimeCo Green to provide its customers with the best projects to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why We Do It

Our team is committed to being greener in our professional and personal lives, and we love to help others do the same! It can be challenging to figure out your carbon footprint and find a bonified project that aligns with your personal beliefs. We understand that it may even be hard figuring out why you would offset your emissions in the first place. ClimeCo Green was created to help you understand your carbon emissions, help you quickly calculate your carbon footprint, and find projects that reduce GHG and clean our environment, create local jobs, or save wildlife.

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