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Rising levels of Greenhouse Gases from human activities are responsible for climate change. Individuals can do their part by understanding and reducing their carbon footprint where possible. By purchasing offsets, we are supporting significant efforts that have or are currently destroying or sequestering GHG. Carbon offsetting is a great way individuals and organizations can achieve their sustainability goals or become net zero.

Becoming green is more practical and economical than you might think. In a few simple steps, you can take one of our surveys below to help calculate your carbon footprint, select a project you would like to support, and purchase the offsets to mitigate your carbon emissions.  ClimeCo Green will then go beyond helping you to mitigate your carbon footprint; we will also provide incentives, environmental tips, rebates, and products that will allow you to reduce emissions, energy, waste, and water.


With the shift to many of us working from home and kids being home schooled, your home has a larger carbon footprint than it did just a year ago.


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