Offset your travel to IBTM Barcelona

Thank you for visiting Hilton at IBTM Barcelona. Please tell us a little more about your travel to the conference, and we will offset up one metric tonne of your emissions.

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Hilton has partnered with ClimeCo to develop a portfolio of high-quality carbon offsets for customers hosting meetings or events at Hilton hotels around the world.

Hilton recognizes its responsibility to empower our customers to achieve their ESG goals through more sustainable offerings and is pleased to offer a program called Meet with Purpose which enables planners to first make selections for an environmentally responsible and sustainable meeting and events, and then provides a carbon offset option to deliver carbon neutral meetings, available at participating Hilton properties around the world.

Using Hilton’s proprietary ESG management platform, LightStay, Hilton sales professionals calculate the carbon emissions associated with a meeting or event and then purchase carbon offsets from ClimeCo that are third-party verified and registered through the Climate Action Reserve or Verified Carbon Standard.

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