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Once you have your footprint number, it is now time to select the project you would like to support and purchase the credits needed to mitigate your footprint.  Scroll down to view the projects has to offer!

The Value of Plastic in Vietnam and Cambodia

This project managed by TONTOTON recovers post-consumer, non-recyclable, ocean bound plastic waste that is often referred to as orphan plastic. Currently, there are projects operating in the South and the North of  Vietnam, with expansion capability.  TONTOTON’s focus on non-recyclable plastics creates the additionality of removing waste from the environment that otherwise would remain. This collected waste does not have resale value, and the project’s policy is to find a beneficial and feasible use for it without sending the plastic to a landfill. The collected plastic goes to the INSEE Ecocycle co-processing facility to convert it into  AFRM (Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials), which is being used as a replacement for coal, reducing the facility’s GHG emissions. The remaining material from the waste-to-energy process is used as raw material for cement manufacturing and waste management.

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Making Plastic Waste Usable Again

Environmental problems linked to plastic waste have become a significant concern in Malaysia. The country is currently ranked 5th globally for ocean plastic. The rural areas and islands of Malaysia face a major challenge when it comes to managing this plastic waste. There is a lack of adequate collection infrastructure and a high cost associated with the transport of the waste to urban centers. This is where Heng Hiap Industries (HHI) and ClimeCo have come together to collect this waste in these remote Malaysian communities and turn it into a product that can be reused.

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