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Solar projects generate renewable, clean energy from the sun. The Gujarat Solar Project in India has a capacity of 25 MW that will generate electricity for export to the regional electricity grid under a power purchase agreement with the Gujarat State Electricity Utility (Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited). This project also contributes to sustainable development by bringing social, economic, environmental, and technological well-being to the area where it is implemented. It has led to local employment in the region, creating direct and indirect economic benefits, development of local infrastructure, and improved electricity generation capacity to the grid.

India’s primary energy consumption has nearly tripled since 1990, having reached an estimated 916 million tons of oil equivalent. Coal has continued to supply most of India’s total energy consumption, followed by petroleum and other liquids. Electricity produced by this project displaces an equivalent amount of electricity that had predominantly been produced by fossil fuels, but also contributes towards a reduction in the supply and demand gap during periods of electricity shortage.

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