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Environmental problems linked to plastic waste have become a significant concern in Malaysia. The country is currently ranked 5th globally for ocean plastic. The rural areas and islands of Malaysia face a major challenge when it comes to managing this plastic waste. There is a lack of adequate collection infrastructure and a high cost associated with the transport of the waste to urban centers. This is where Heng Hiap Industries (HHI) and ClimeCo have come together to collect this waste in these remote Malaysian communities and turn it into a product that can be reused.

The project is focused on working in biodiversity hotspots, including sea turtle nesting habitats. HHI waste recovery operations will also benefit areas whose high volumes of plastic waste are damaging local ecotourism and fishing.

The HHI plastic credit project is the first company to globally receive the prestigious OBP certification by Zero Plastic Oceans and 3rd party verification and auditing performed by the leading global certification specialists, Control Union Certifications. As an advanced recycled plastic manufacturer, HHI pledges to recycle 30,000 tonnes of OBP cumulatively by 2025. As a result of successful collaborations with its partners, HHI converts OBP to upcycled finished goods, like Louvre chairs and other household items, creating fully sustainable, closed-loop systems where resources are reused and recycled as part of its circular design and solutions.

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