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This project managed by TONTOTON recovers post-consumer, non-recyclable, ocean bound plastic waste that is often referred to as orphan plastic. Currently, there are projects operating in the Cambodia and South and the North of  Vietnam, with expansion capability.  TONTOTON’s focus on non-recyclable plastics creates the additionality of removing waste from the environment that otherwise would remain. The plastic credit mechanism provides TONTOTON the ability to create financial incentives for workers with new income and employment opportunities. This collected waste does not have resale value, and the project’s policy is to find a beneficial and feasible use for it without sending the plastic to a landfill. The collected plastic goes to the INSEE Ecocycle co-processing facility to convert it into  AFRM (Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials), which is being used as a replacement for coal, reducing the facility’s GHG emissions. The remaining material from the waste-to-energy process is used as raw material for cement manufacturing and waste management.

The TONTOTON project has significant co-benefits for economically stressed local workers who are voluntarily gathering the waste. Under this program, these workers who are primarily female will receive above-average pay, personal protective equipment, and primary health insurance for those individuals who need it. The project is also working to provide education and guidance to local governments to build sustainable waste management infrastructure in places it does not exist. The plastic credits from TONTOTON are the world’s first from an independent protocol using 3rd party verification. One credit equals one tonne of physical plastic waste removed from the marine-bound environment. The credits have the Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Certification, an independent standard of Zero Plastic Oceans, an NGO based in France, and 3rd party verification and auditing performed by leading global certification specialists Control Union Certifications.

UN Sustainable Development Goals supported:

1 – No Poverty
5 – Gender Equality
8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth
9 – Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities
14 – Life Below Water
17 – Partnerships for The Goals


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